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Plates are companions of quite a few life situations. They accompany us through the small and big moments and become witnesses of our everyday life.
Newset of 2 #farbe_weiß#farbe_weiß
Small Plate - Pura Sale price60,00 €
Newset of 2 #farbe_weiß#farbe_weiß
Large Plate - Pura Sale price70,00 €
Newset of 2 #farbe_weiß#farbe_weiß
Deep Plate - Pura Sale price70,00 €
Newset of 2 #farbe_weiß#farbe_weiß
Mezze Plate - Pura Sale price50,00 €
Small Plate - Traditional Sale price19,00 €
Big Plate (M) - Traditional Sale price22,00 €
Big Plate (L) - Traditional Sale price25,00 €
Deep Plate - Traditional Sale price25,00 €

+ 1

Tapas Plate - Traditional Sale price12,00 €

+ 1

Mezze Plate - Traditional Sale price18,00 €

+ 1

Pasta Plate - Traditional Sale price25,00 €
Dessert Plate - Traditional Sale price18,00 €
Small Plate - Aberta Sale price19,00 €
Deep Plate - Aberta Sale price25,00 €
Big Plate - Aberta Sale price25,00 €
Mezze Plate - Aberta Sale price18,00 €
Small Plate - Classic Sale price19,00 €
Big Plate - Classic Sale price25,00 €
Deep Plate - Classic Sale price25,00 €

+ 3

-20% #farbe_schneeweiß#farbe_schneeweiß
-20% Big Plate (L) Limited - TraditionalBig Plate (L) Limited - Traditional
Limited Edition #farbe_karamell#farbe_karamell
Small Plate Limited - Classic Sale price13,30 € Regular price19,00 €
Limited Edition Deep Plate Limited - ClassicDeep Plate Limited - Classic
Deep Plate Limited - Classic Sale price25,00 €
-20% #farbe_petrol innen#farbe_petrol innen
Big Plate Limited - Classic Sale price25,00 €

Plates, the witnesses of our everyday life


The variety of shapes and colors of handmade ceramic plates from onomao offers numerous possibilities for individual design. The basis is a small plate for breakfast and cakes and a large plate for all kinds of main dishes. The pasta plates, mezze plates, tapas plates and dessert plates show themselves with their steep edge in a concise design. The stoneware plates are made in manufactories in Portugal. Modern design meets traditional craftsmanship. This makes each plate a special one-of-a-kind piece. Our desire is to develop durable products that visually embellish the ritual of eating for many years.All plates are available in convenient sets of 2 and 6, as well as in a 12-piece plate set.

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