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Gift card

Sale price25,00 €

Gift cards are a pretty clever invention: your loved ones get to decide for themselves what they would like and you can trust their good taste while also having a clear conscience with the onomao voucher: Each product is handmade and unique and was produced in small manufactories in Portugal.
Since this voucher is not a physical product, the value of it does not count towards the minimum total order to receive free shipping.

This is an online voucher. Vouchers for our store can be purchased on-site.


How it works

Here's a simple step-by-step guide on how to purchase and use our gift voucher:

1. Purchase a gift voucher
2. Open the link in the email
3. Click the "Print" button
4. Hide the headers and footers in the system print settings
5. Print out the voucher or save it as a PDF
6. Give joy!

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