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onomao OUTLET

Some of the following products are leaving the range, for some others, we want to reduce excess stock to make room for new products.
-20% #farbe_naturweiß#farbe_naturweiß
Big Bowl - Traditional Sale price39,20 € Regular price49,00 €
-40% #farbe_double face marone beige#farbe_double face marone beige
Wool Blanket Manteigas Sale price119,40 € Regular price199,00 €
Limited Edition Small Bowl Limited - TraditionalSmall Bowl Limited - Traditional
Limited Edition #farbe_karamell#farbe_karamell
Small Plate Limited - Classic Sale price13,30 € Regular price19,00 €
Limited Edition Cup Limited - TraditionalCup Limited - Traditional
Cup Limited - Traditional Sale price18,00 €
-20% #farbe_altrosa#farbe_altrosa
Large Carpet - Fernanda Sale price135,20 € Regular price169,00 €
-20% #farbe_terrakotta#farbe_terrakotta
Candle Holder Luz Limited - Round Sale price12,80 € Regular price16,00 €
-20% Glas-KaraffeGlas-Karaffe
Glas-Karaffe Sale price25,60 € Regular price32,00 €
-40% #farbe_kobaltblau meliert#farbe_kobaltblau meliert
Carpet Runner - Luan Sale price65,40 € Regular price109,00 €
-30% #farbe_altrosa#farbe_altrosa
Large Bowl - Classic Sale price36,40 € Regular price52,00 €
-20% #farbe_creme#farbe_creme
Candle Holder Luz Limited - Half Sale price12,80 € Regular price16,00 €
-20% #farbe_altrosa#farbe_altrosa
Small Rug - Lucinda Sale price31,20 € Regular price39,00 €
-40% #farbe_kobaltblau meliert#farbe_kobaltblau meliert
Small Rug - Lino Sale price23,40 € Regular price39,00 €
-20% #farbe_altrosa#farbe_altrosa
Carpet Runner - Cristina Sale price63,20 € Regular price79,00 €
-20% #farbe_line motiv#farbe_line motiv
Tom Król x onomao - Small Bowl Eye Sale price25,60 € Regular price32,00 €
-20% #farbe_eye motiv#farbe_eye motiv
Tom Król x onomao - Mug Eye Sale price19,20 € Regular price24,00 €
Limited Edition Deep Plate Limited - ClassicDeep Plate Limited - Classic
Deep Plate Limited - Classic Sale price25,00 €
Limited Edition Bowl Limited - TraditionalBowl Limited - Traditional
Bowl Limited - Traditional Sale price23,20 € Regular price29,00 €
-40% #farbe_bordeaux meliert#farbe_bordeaux meliert
Large Rug - Lucca Sale price107,40 € Regular price179,00 €
-20% #farbe_schneeweiß#farbe_schneeweiß
-20% Big Plate (L) Limited - TraditionalBig Plate (L) Limited - Traditional
-20% #farbe_petrol innen#farbe_petrol innen
Big Plate Limited - Classic Sale price25,00 €
-20% #farbe_taubenblau#farbe_taubenblau
Saucer - Classic Sale price12,00 €

give joy sustainably

onomao OUTLET

What stays, what goes, what comes back? We put great importance on our permanent ceramic collections in order to give our customers the opportunity to buy plates even after a longer period of time or to put together the tableware set gradually - over the years. We are convinced that this also supports the sustainable approach. 

Unfortunately, this is not possible with all products. So, of course, products leave our range from time to time. Home accessories in particular are constantly coming and going. However, saying goodbye to products also means making room for new ones. New ideas become reality and keep our range vibrant.