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Jewelry for the Floor: Our rugs are handmade on the loom from fabric scraps of the Portuguese fashion industry.
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Large Carpet - Carlo Sale price179,00 €
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Carpet Runner - Carolina Sale price99,00 €
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Large Carpet - Fernanda Sale price135,20 € Regular price169,00 €
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Carpet Runner - Cristina Sale price47,40 € Regular price79,00 €
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Small Rug - Lucinda Sale price31,20 € Regular price39,00 €
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Small Rug - Lino Sale price23,40 € Regular price39,00 €
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Carpet Runner - Luan Sale price65,40 € Regular price109,00 €
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Large Rug - Lucca Sale price107,40 € Regular price179,00 €

For warm feet on cold days.


The handmade onomao rugs are created from carefully selected fabric scraps from the Portuguese fashion industry and are woven on the loom with great attention to detail in Senhor Rui's small manufactory. onomao rugs come in several sizes. Large rugs for the living room, medium sized for the dining table, long runners for long hallways and small bathroom rugs for warm feet. The rugs come in different designs and colors and can be washed at 30° in the washing machine. Since it is a natural product, a little shrinkage after the first wash is possible.

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