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Bowl - Classic

Sale price29,00 €
color: Smaragdgrün

This bowl has enchanted us! It not only keeps delicious food, but has turned out to be the ideal salad bowl of small households. Quite unplanned, it has proven itself many times exactly for this, which we really appreciate.

Generous and round is the design of our bowl. It was produced in the north of Portugal.

The bowl of our collection CLASSIC is available in several glazes and was produced sustainably and fairly in Portugal. Glazed and unglazed stoneware is suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher and may even be used in the oven.

Bowl - Classic Sale price29,00 €


In the course of developing our second tableware collection KLASSIK, we went in search of another ceramic manufactory. We landed at a family business, which sits in the rolling hills behind Porto. The family looks back on a long ceramic tradition. Working with clay has been consistently passed down and specialized from generation to generation.

Our KLASSIK collection is hand tamped before a drying process to clean and refine it to be glazed before firing. Creative hand-painting is one of the manufactory's hobbyhorses. Thus KLASSIK gets her stripes missed in loving handwork in the small studio.


For many, high-quality food has become a fundamental part of their life culture. Conscious nutrition and organically grown food are experiencing a new cult.

Eating also means rest and enjoyment. It is often the time when family members come together from their individual lives and spend time together around the table. Intense communication takes place during this ritual, which otherwise often finds little space.

With onomao ceramics we try to contribute to this culture of life. Through sustainable production and fair manufacturing conditions, they extend the cycle of conscious food intake. Our desire is to develop durable products that visually embellish the ritual of eating for many years.

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