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Wool Blanket Manteigas

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color: Double Face Marone Beige

Our 100% pure wool blankets are designed to provide many years of comfort and pleasure due to their high quality and classic design. They are suitable for relaxing on the sofa, as a bedspread in the cold winter, for warming during morning meditation, as a crawling blanket for the little ones or as a leg warmer in the home office.

Sustainable & Fair Production in Portugal

We aim to cooperate with our production partners on an equal footing. To ensure a fair collaboration, we maintain close communication with our manufactories. We have been working with some of our producers since our founding. We trust each other and have been able to grow together. Additionally, the production in Europe guarantees EU labor standards.

To avoid the unnecessary manufacturing and disposal of products, we have decided to purchase B-goods from our producers as well, so that goods with minor cosmetic imperfections also find use. This way, we can prevent our production from causing unnecessary emissions and the wasteful consumption of resources.

How your home affects your well-being

We know the effect of rooms on our well-being from an early age: We enter a room and feel comfortable - or not. Whether a room makes us feel good depends on countless factors. Some of them we can influence ourselves.

We spend more than 60 percent of our lives within our own four walls. That's quite a lot of time - and since home offices have become part of everyday working life for many people, it has increased even more.

One of the factors that influence us is the smell of a home. If it smells homely, then we also feel comfortable. The smell of warm pancakes, for example, can remind us of childhood and family - we feel safe. A crackling beeswax candle, on the other hand, radiates a calming effect. Another influencing factor is the quality of the air: plants clean it and also provide oxygen, and the eye is also pleased by the sight of fresh flowers in a vase. Likewise, warmth can increase the sense of well-being: snugly wrapped in a warming wool blanket, it is easy to relax, the feet in turn are happy about the carpet next to the bed. Finally, the whole person is happy about a beautifully laid table that radiates joie de vivre and quality. Thus, with the little things we can do great things and beautify our lives.

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