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The Gift Guide - Ideen aus dem onomao-Team

The Gift Guide - ideas from the onomao team

Finding the right Christmas present can be difficult. Depending on the person receiving the gift, your budget and the amount of time you want to invest, a different gift will prove its worth. 

To make the decision a little easier for you, we asked our team, who deal with the products on a daily basis and also use them themselves: What are their favorite onomao products and why do they make a good gift? Also you’ll a few inspirations on how the products can be used in other creative ways.


Dana: Tapas plate

My real all-rounder? Our tapas dish!

I have a tapas plate in natural white or sand dipped in every room. In the living room, the Tapas plate serves as a candle holder for my pillar candles, in the bathroom it holds my soap. In the kitchen, the tapas plate with coarse sea salt is always on hand next to the stove, and in my bedroom it keeps my jewelry safe while I sleep.

Although I lived in Madrid for a while, I haven't yet managed to serve Spanish tapas here at home. I'd probably have to get some suitable plates for that, as my tapas plates are all full ;)

Jule: Large bowl

The large bowl is a super last-minute gift that is still of great value. I've given it as a gift many times and everyone uses it differently. Thanks to its size, it can be used for all kinds of things: as a classic fruit bowl, for serving salads and pasta when you receive guests or decorated with candles and twigs during the Advent season. What I like best is that you can tell it was made by hand: The fine grooves on the inside and the curved edges make it something very special. 


Caro: Wool blanket with check pattern

The wool blanket is a real feel-good item in my home. I like to curl up on the sofa or my reading chair with it and make myself comfortable. The pure wool warms you up quickly when you come in from outside in winter. It also gives the blanket a certain texture.  

I particularly like the color combination of the blanket in wool white with the subtle check pattern, as it is elegant and timeless. I can well imagine that the blanket will be with me for many years and places to come.


Ophelia: Traditional mug

What would our household be without a mug?

We affectionately call it the all-rounder!

In the bathroom it is the most beautiful toothbrush mug in the world, in the living room we grow seedlings in it. It looks wonderful in our open kitchen cupboard, where it awaits its next coffee refill.

Last but not least, it decorates the desk in the children's room as a pencil holder!



Flo: Mezze plate

Even if the name might not suggest it, in our house the mezze plate is called the "children's plate". The high, straight edge helps with the first attempts at eating with cutlery. The first porridge, fruit plate or the classic pasta with tomato sauce. The table and pants usually stay clean. The plate also has the necessary weight to prevent it being pushed back and forth. So ditch the children's plastic tableware and go for the mezze plate from onomao!

And when the meals get bigger, the next larger, deep plate with the straight edge is also perfect.


Rahel: Espresso Mug

Our espresso mug from the classic series not only sits nicely in the hand and reliably gives me a good start to the day in the morning when filled with a double espresso. It is also easy to fill with wax and transform into a beautiful candle. A colorful set of several mugs makes a great gift in summer and winter.


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