The onomao ceramic tableware is handmade in Portuguese manufactories. The clay for it is mined in the region of the manufactories. onomao currently carries two collections, which also come from two different manufactories. The collection KLASSIK and the collection TRADITIONELL were each designed by onomao. Through a generous variation of glazes and glaze styles, numerous color combinations can be put together to create a very individual interior look.
onomao carries small and large plates, deep plates, mezze plates, tapas plates, dip bowls, shallow bowls, large bowls, large bowls, small bowls, carafes, espresso cups, mugs, cups, large cups and small cups with saucers for small and large tables.

For many, high-quality food has become a fundamental part of their life culture. Conscious nutrition and organically grown foods are experiencing a resurgence. Knowledge about the effect of food on body and mind has brought cuisine back into focus. Eating also means rest and enjoyment. It is often the time when family members

from their individual lives come together and spend time together at the table. Intensive communication takes place during this ritual, which otherwise often finds little space. At the same time, kitchens have always been considered the center of a house. They trigger a comforting feeling in most people. Completely detached from individual taste.

With the onomao ceramics we try to contribute to this culture of life. Through sustainable production and fair manufacturing conditions, they extend the cycle of conscious food intake. Their design is deliberately timeless-modern. Our desire is to create long-lasting products that visually embellish the ritual of eating for many years to come.