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ABERTA accompanies with its minimalist design through the day and through life.
Limitiert-20% #farbe_cremeweiß#farbe_cremeweiß
Espresso Cup - Aberta Sale price8,00 € Regular price10,00 €
Limitiert-20% #farbe_schwarz#farbe_schwarz
Mug - Aberta Sale price12,80 € Regular price16,00 €
Limitiert-20% #farbe_hellgrau#farbe_hellgrau
Small Plate - Aberta Sale price15,20 € Regular price19,00 €
Limitiert-20% #farbe_cremeweiß#farbe_cremeweiß
Deep Plate - Aberta Sale price20,00 € Regular price25,00 €
Limitiert-20% Salad Bowl - AbertaSalad Bowl - Aberta
Salad Bowl - Aberta Sale price39,20 € Regular price46,00 €
Limitiert-20% #farbe_cremeweiß#farbe_cremeweiß
Jug - Aberta Sale price30,40 € Regular price38,00 €
Limitiert Small Dinner-Set AbertaSmall Dinner-Set Aberta
Small Dinner-Set Aberta Sale price313,28 € Regular price356,00 €
Limitiert-20% Big Plate - AbertaBig Plate - Aberta
Big Plate - Aberta Sale price20,00 € Regular price25,00 €
Limitiert-20% #farbe_schwarz#farbe_schwarz
Small Bowl - Aberta Sale price16,00 € Regular price20,00 €
Limitiert Breakfast-Set AbertaBreakfast-Set Aberta
Breakfast-Set Aberta Sale price154,88 € Regular price176,00 €
Limitiert-20% #farbe_hellgrau#farbe_hellgrau
Mezze Plate - Aberta Sale price14,40 € Regular price18,00 €
Limitiert Coffee-Set AbertaCoffee-Set Aberta
Coffee-Set Aberta Sale price74,88 € Regular price83,20 €
Limitiert Plate-Set AbertaPlate-Set Aberta
Plate-Set Aberta Sale price190,08 € Regular price211,20 €

With Aberta through the day and through life


ABERTA exudes stability and minimalism. ABERTA means "open" in Portuguese. On the one hand, the name describes the open rim, which decorates the opening unglazed like a discreet circle. But it also describes the conical shape of the products, which opens upwards.The collection is a tableware for everyday use and consists of eight essential products that you need in everyday life. ABERTA is available in the colors CREME WHITE, LIGHT GRAY and BLACK. These glazes also make an inviting ensemble when mixed. ABERTA was made in a manufactory in the center of Portugal.

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