Sustainability is a fundamental principle for us.

onomao is based on the idea of combining traditional craftsmanship and modern design. Our designs try to be as timeless as possible. Needless to say, we have a high quality standard - because for us products with a long life span are the first step in sustainable actions.
We want to act in a climate-friendly way and face the current challenges of climate change. Manufacturing products only makes sense for us if we try to be as sustainable as possible in every step of the way. Anything else, in our opinion, is no longer in keeping with the times.

What makes us sustainable:

Our ceramics are made in manufactories in Portugal, the raw material is a pure natural product and comes from the region. Our carpets are woven from fabric scraps from the Portuguese fashion industry and are made from recycled materials that are returned to the cycle and thus given a new life.

Due to the production within the EU, short delivery routes with less CO2 emissions are guaranteed. We ship our products with DHL GoGreen as standard to support CO2-neutral shipping. Our orders are shipped plastic-free and only use paper and cardboard with FSC certification as packaging material.

Avoiding that goods are produced unnecessarily and thrown away, we have decided to also buy the B-stock from our producers, so that those goods with small blemishes can also be used!

We would like to cooperate with our production partners at eye-to-eye level. In order to guarantee a fair cooperation, we are in close contact with our manufacturers. The production in Europe enables us to visit the factories regularly, so that we could personally meet almost all employees on site. The production in Europe also guarantees EU labor standards.

Acting in a climate-friendly and environmentally conscious way does not only include the term sustainability but encompasses many areas. It is foundation and meaning of our work. In addition to the sensitive use of resources and fair production in Europe, we also see sustainable action in our financial commitment to organizations that educate about climate change with a lot of knowledge and energy and thus create more awareness. As part of 1% For The Planet we have been supporting projects and organizations that actively work to protect the environment since 2021, including Viva Con Agua or Sea Shepherd.

At the same time, we want to use our reach to draw attention to green issues and broaden awareness of our environment and climate protection.

The plan:

We recently joined Climate Partner to become carbon neutral this year and to be able to identify and offset the emissions we create. Our long-term goal is to reduce our emissions in a targeted manner and thus permanently reduce the ecological footprint we leave behind.

This year, we would like to devote more attention to topics relating to climate protection and our social responsibility. In addition to climate neutrality and our commitment to 1% For The Planet, we are working on obtaining certification for fair working conditions and social commitment. In the future, we would like to provide more detailed information about all our activities and create more transparency in the areas of sustainability and production, about the materials we use and the entire supply chain.

We are continuously working on making our company even more sustainable on all levels in the future. Of course, especially in the beginning, you don't have all the possibilities, because your own clout, e.g. with the producers, is not big enough. However, we have made it our mission to constantly improve and to achieve more and more during every step of the way. This conscious work already gives us great pleasure.