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Stilles Wohnen - Leben fernab von allem

Quiet living - a life away from it all

Calm interior in harmony with nature

In the center of Portugal lies this unique house, far away from any hustle and bustle. A mystical path leads you through an area which seems from another time. Olive trees jut out of the hilly landscape like and small rocks are sticking out among the lush grass. Sheep graze leisurely and an excited dog reliably watches over them.

The house can be seen from afar - perched on a gentle hill, it is bright and very reduced. Only some old horses keep company around the house. They keep trying to enter the spacious kitchen through a large patio door, which leaves a surreal impression.

We were recently guests for one of our shootings and were allowed to feel the special atmosphere.

"Less is more" is probably the motto of this house. The spacious rooms impress with their simplicity and serve as retreats. Four rooms are kept almost identical and radiate tranquility through reduction. The imposing indentation in the house is reminiscent of an archway and offers a breathtaking view of the landscape. It is a place for gathering and invites to extensive meals.

The surrounding nature and the interior merge very well. The interior makes use of natural materials. A ceramic tile floor, white marble kitchen and wooden furniture blend into a serene overall look. High-quality textiles, fresh flowers and handmade ceramics complete the interior. A lowered fireplace provides warmth and coziness in the cool months.

The spacious natural pool is organically shaped and continues the style of the home outdoors. The air smells spicy and the silence leaves its mark.

The onomao ceramics in snow white and natural white tie in with the restrained lines of the house. The pared-down shapes and classic white glazes make them timeless companions. The manual production gives the pieces their handmade finish.

Fotos © Maya Claussen


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