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Farbenprächtige Kunstwerke von Ina Cierniak

Colorful artworks by Ina Cierniak


Fresh, colorful and expressive: that's how we would describe the paintings of Ina Cierniak. At the beginning of the Corona pandemic, the Hamburg native decided to devote herself entirely to art and has been working full-time as an artist ever since. We have been following Inas work for a long time and like her art. Therefore, we are especially pleased that we were allowed to talk to Ina about her art and her career and she gives us insights into her creative work.

At the age of 40, you decided to dedicate yourself fully to your art. What made you take this step and how did it feel to make a new start? 

I decided to follow my heart. I live with and from my art. It is a dream come true for me. I follow my intuition in life and in painting. The new beginning was exciting. A beautiful adventure. 


At first glance you notice: Your artwork is colorful. Pastel tones dominate. What does color trigger in you? 

It's a real feeling of happiness for me when color and brushstroke harmonize. Like dancing butterflies in my stomach. 


You sprayed graffiti in your youth. To what extent does this style still influence you today?

The main thing I took away from it was the courage to just go for it. When I paint my oneline pictures (pictures that are created from a continuous line without taking off), I always have to think of the murals back then. When I do outlines or shadows, I also think of that time, because I learned that from graffiti art.

Before you were a full-time artist, you studied fashion design and then worked as a makeup artist. What connects all these fields for you and where do you see differences in creative work?

For me, the approach is the same. It's all about (creative) creation. At best, with your own hands. That's what makes me happy.

Everything I've created so far in my life has brought me to where I am today: in my own studio. I feel pure joy at the thought of how I designed and tailored my graduation collection back then. Or how I painted colorful makeup on faces. For me, it's all connected.

How do you describe the evolution of your art? What inspires you in the process? 

I think my style evolves from painting to painting, sometimes in one direction, sometimes in another, and sometimes it all flows together. At the moment I feel like I'm on a river that sometimes goes left and sometimes goes right into a bend, and at some point it flows into the big sea. That's the moment when everything flows together, a style that emerges from everything so far. Whether you ever get there as an artist, I don't know, but the way there is a great thing. I'm inspired by many things, everyday things, everything that surrounds you. My paintings often come about because I have seen them beforehand in my mind's eye. 

Your artwork awakens a feeling of spring in us. What do you like most about spring?

That's right. In general, nature inspires me at any time of the year. 


Do you still find time to paint "just for you" or are all your works for sale? 

I try to always paint "just for me," as it takes the commercial pressure off me. The principle of service does not work for me when painting. I want to be free in the process and feel what comes to me to be painted. However, I can let go of most of the paintings after a while. There are a few that I can't part with. They remain in my private collection.

In June, Ina's first solo exhibition will take place:

Galerie Deichstraße, Hamburg

Fotos © Jan Singelmann
Titelbild © Nassim Ohadi
Website Ina Cierniak


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