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Sabão & Limpar-Set - Blue Mel

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LIMPAR and SABAO form a harmonious symbiosis here as a set. LIMPAR is the name of our handmade soap dish, which has an oval shape. SABAO is the name of our soaps, which are made from natural ingredients in a small manufactory in Portugal.

The set makes a wonderful gift - whether for Christmas, a birthday, as a little pick-me-up in between or simply to say thank you. Both products adorn washbasins, sinks and bathtubs and bring a feeling of wellness to your everyday life. They are produced sustainably and fairly in Portuguese factories.

About the producers

Our soaps are made in a small manufactory in Portugal. All production processes are kept as simple and natural as possible, ensuring a respectful approach to nature. Portugal and its traditions and values awaken a great passion in our producers. This is how the soaps are created in harmony with nature and culture.
The manufactory has many years of experience with cosmetics and handmade soap products. Inspired by nature and perfected by science, the raw materials are processed in the most sustainable way possible. The heart of this production is not industrial production, but original craftsmanship.
The used raw materials come from the Dão-Lafões region in Portugal. These include olive oil from Galician olive trees, honey, Jarmelista goat's milk, Dão wine, aromatic plants and many other natural treasures.

A beautiful & fragrant symbiosis

SABAO - this means soap. The name is a declaration of love to the simplicity of the ritual of body care. Just like any other area of life, it can be made calm and uncomplicated. A few, but natural and high-quality ingredients make it possible.
Our soaps fulfill precisely these requirements and offer an experience for all the senses. The natural fragrance provides relaxation and a little spa effect in your home.
Natural soaps are said to maintain the skin's protective barrier and the cosmetic reduction benefits not only the environment but also your own body.
Our handmade LIMPAR soap dishes protect natural soaps and serve as a decorative draining aid. LIMPAR means clean and pure. The soap and soap dish form a beautiful and fragrant symbiosis and beautify bathrooms and kitchens. Combined as a set, they also make a delightful gift.

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