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Our ceramics are made in manufactures in Portugal, the raw material is a pure natural product and comes from the region.For our two tableware collections Classic and Traditional we use stoneware, for our flower pots we have chosen terracotta as material.

Stoneware is fired at a temperature of at least 1,130 degrees to maintain its specific density and, thus, robustness. In addition, this makes our products impervious to water even without a glaze.

Since stoneware is a natural product and each extraction has different compositions, our unglazed products made of pure clay may vary slightly in color - naturally so.

Terracotta - a durable natural product. Terracotta (fired earth) belongs to the so-called earthen goods. It is one of the oldest materials in our cultural history. The clay is robust, breathable, waterproof, and resistant to frost, making it particularly suitable for plants, so we have chosen this material for our flower pots. In addition, terracotta is fired at lower temperatures, around 900 degrees. This makes the production particularly energy efficient.


Our two tableware collections, Traditional and Classic, and our accessories are created using various manufacturing methods. The Flores vase and our flower pots are made traditionally by hand on the potter's wheel. However, specific shapes cannot be turned classically on the potter's wheel and are therefore cast or pressed to obtain the desired shape. All our products are finished manually and thus get their individual character.

The manufacturing process of the handmade ceramics of our Classic Collection combines old and new manufacturing techniques: the individual shapes are stamped by hand using a mold before being manually cleaned, refined and glazed after a drying process, and then fired in the kiln.


We develop our glazes in collaboration with our manufacturers to create typical shades that fit perfectly into our onomao color scheme.

There are several ways to apply the glazes. The ceramic is either dunked or dipped, painted, or sprayed. In all variations, the colors are applied by hand.

The glaze fuses with the ceramic through the firing process and gives it a resistant surface.

We have our glazes regularly tested by TÜV or other independent institutes. This way, we can exclude that they contain harmful substances to health or the environment.


Our carpets are woven from fabric or yarn remnants of the Portuguese fashion industry (textile and clothing) and are made of materials that are returned to the cycle and thus given a new life. Senhor Rui's carpet weaving workshop transforms different fabrics and fibers into new yarns to obtain a uniform look and the desired colors. The carpets are created by traditional handwork on the loom and are small and large unique pieces due to minor variations in weave and color.


Our drinking glasses and glas jugs are made from 100% recycled glass. Since glass is made of natural materials such as sand and lime, it is ideal for recycling. The melting down and reshaping of glass is one of the oldest recycling processes in our cultural history.

We searched for a long time until we found a producer who could manufacture our glasses entirely from recycled glass. The original material comes from Spain and is purchased regionally by our producer.


The sheep that provide the wool for our wool blankets live in the region of our producer in Serra da Estrela. The craft of weaving characterizes the region. An ancient tradition passed down from generation to generation.

Spring is the right time to shear the sheep's wool so it can grow until the next winter. After shearing, the wool is washed and then processed in our factory. First, the wool is loosened and combed - this step is called carding. Finally, the yarn from which our wool blankets are made is spun, partly manually and partly with an electric spindle. Our wool blankets are thus made of 100% natural, pure new wool.

We currently only use colors from the natural colors of sheep's wool: Beige, Brown, and Ivory.