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Whether a home is cozy is usually apparent upon entering an apartment. Most people find their own home – or their parents' home – the coziest. The fact is: coziness ensures well-being and relaxation, so over the long term, it is not only simply beautiful but even healthy. That's why we have gathered some gift ideas here that can make a home even more comfortable. 
Neu #farbe_grün handbemalt#farbe_grün handbemalt
Soap dish Limpar Sale price12,00 €
Candle Abelha Sale price36,00 €
Neu #farbe_mel#farbe_mel
Sabão - Mel Sale price11,00 €
-40% #farbe_double face marone beige#farbe_double face marone beige
Wool Blanket Manteigas Sale price119,40 € Regular price199,00 €
-20% #farbe_altrosa#farbe_altrosa
Large Carpet - Fernanda Sale price135,20 € Regular price169,00 €
Neu #farbe_campestre#farbe_campestre
Sabão - Campestre Sale price11,00 €
Big Cup - Traditional Sale price20,00 €

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-40% #farbe_kobaltblau meliert#farbe_kobaltblau meliert
Small Rug - Lino Sale price23,40 € Regular price39,00 €
Candle Vela Sale price45,00 €
Neu #farbe_vinha#farbe_vinha
Sabão - Vinha Sale price11,00 €
-40% #farbe_blau marine#farbe_blau marine
Large Carpet - Raia Sale price137,40 € Regular price229,00 €
Neu Sabão & Limpar-Set - Blue MelSabão & Limpar-Set - Blue Mel
Sabão & Limpar-Set - Blue Mel Sale price21,85 € Regular price23,00 €
-20% #farbe_creme#farbe_creme
Candle Holder Luz Half Sale price12,80 € Regular price16,00 €
-40% #farbe_blau-marine#farbe_blau-marine
Small Rug - Mara Sale price29,40 € Regular price49,00 €
Neu Sabão & Limpar-Set - Blue hand-painted MelSabão & Limpar-Set - Blue hand-painted Mel
Sabão & Limpar-Set - Blue hand-painted Mel Sale price25,65 € Regular price27,00 €
-20% #farbe_terrakotta#farbe_terrakotta
Candle Holder Luz Round Sale price12,80 € Regular price16,00 €

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You can usually tell whether a home is cozy as soon as you enter it. Most people find their own home - or their parents' home - the most comfortable. It's a fact that coziness creates a sense of well-being and relaxation is not only simply beautiful in the long term, but also healthy. That's why we've put together a few gift ideas that will make your home even cozier.

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