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Our tableware

Our tableware is made in manufactories in Portugal, the raw material is a pure natural product and comes from the region.
For our tableware collections Classic, Traditional & Aberta we use stoneware.


Influenced by the traditional design of Portuguese craftsmanship, TRADITIONAL is our first onomao tableware collection. Robust and timeless, the products accompany you through the day.


Perched on a delicate base, the organic curves of the KLASSIK ceramic collection prove to be timeless companions.


ABERTA accompanies with its minimalist design through the day and through life.

Our Home Accessoires

The comfort effect of a room depends on scent, air quality, warmth, and aesthetics, and these details can significantly impact our well-being, especially as we spend a lot of time in our own homes.

Our Vases

Nothing decorates like a bouquet of fresh flowers. For this you need vases - we carry some handmade unique, for many individual tastes.


In a quiet moment they provide relaxation or festively decorate the table in the circle of loved ones. Our candles provide flickering light and exude a pleasant fragrance on any special occasion.

Soaps & Soap Dishes

Fragrant natural soaps and handmade soap dishes in a classic design adorn washbasins and bathtubs and embellish the ritual of cleansing.

Butter Dishes

Our butter dish with its rounded shape protects fresh butter or plant-based spreads and decorates the breakfast table with its traditional design.