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The comfort effect of a room depends on scent, air quality, warmth, and aesthetics, and these details can significantly impact our well-being, especially as we spend a lot of time in our own homes.

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Butter Dish Manteiga Sale price35,00 €
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Jar Lothar Sale price24,00 €
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Large Vase - Duarte Sale price56,00 €
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Large Carpet - Carlo Sale price179,00 €
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Large Carpet - Fernanda Sale price135,20 € Regular price169,00 €
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Large Rug - Lucca Sale price107,40 € Regular price179,00 €
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Candle Abelha Sale price36,00 €
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Candle Holder Luz Limited - Half Sale price12,80 € Regular price16,00 €
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Candle Holder Luz Limited - Round Sale price12,80 € Regular price16,00 €
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Small Vase - Duartinho Sale price34,00 €
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Small Rug - Lino Sale price23,40 € Regular price39,00 €
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Small Rug - Lucinda Sale price31,20 € Regular price39,00 €
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Carpet Runner - Carolina Sale price99,00 €
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Carpet Runner - Cristina Sale price47,40 € Regular price79,00 €
-20% Sabão & Limpar-Set - Blue hand-painted MelSabão & Limpar-Set - Blue hand-painted Mel
Sabão & Limpar-Set - Blue hand-painted Mel Sale price22,80 € Regular price24,00 €
-20% Sabão & Limpar-Set - Blue MelSabão & Limpar-Set - Blue Mel
Sabão & Limpar-Set - Blue Mel Sale price19,00 € Regular price20,00 €

Handmade tableware from Portugal

Our dinnerware sets include the right dinnerware for any occasion. Coordinated combinations of plates, bowls and mugs make it easy to choose and also offer a discount. Choose between a classic plate set, breakfast sets, dinner sets or beautify your bathroom with our bathroom set.The sets come in many different glaze options: glossy and matte, transparent and colored, half or fully glazed. They can also be combined with each other in many ways.Our ceramics are made in manufactories in the north of Portugal. It combines aesthetics and functionality for everyday use. The robust nature of the stoneware guarantees durability. Due to the dense surface finish, all products are dishwasher and oven safe.

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