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For us, joy in eating means joy in life. Thus, we perceive PURA as an attribute of beautiful moments at the dining table.

Newset of 2 #farbe_weiß#farbe_weiß
Mug - Pura Sale price38,00 €
Newset of 2 #farbe_weiß#farbe_weiß
Small Plate - Pura Sale price60,00 €
Newset of 2 #farbe_weiß#farbe_weiß
Large Plate - Pura Sale price70,00 €
Newset of 2 #farbe_weiß#farbe_weiß
Deep Plate - Pura Sale price70,00 €
Newset of 2 #farbe_weiß#farbe_weiß
Mezze Plate - Pura Sale price50,00 €
Newset of 2 #farbe_weiß#farbe_weiß
Small Bowl - Pura Sale price60,00 €
New #farbe_weiß#farbe_weiß
Salad Bowl - Pura Sale price69,00 €
New Big Diner-Set Pura - WhiteBig Diner-Set Pura - White
Big Diner-Set Pura - White Sale price663,00 € Regular price780,00 €
New Breakfast-Set Pura - WhiteBreakfast-Set Pura - White
Breakfast-Set Pura - White Sale price278,08 € Regular price316,00 €
New Breakfast-Set Pura - BlueBreakfast-Set Pura - Blue
Breakfast-Set Pura - Blue Sale price323,84 € Regular price368,00 €
New Small Dinner-Set Pura - WhiteSmall Dinner-Set Pura - White
Small Dinner-Set Pura - White Sale price457,60 € Regular price520,00 €
New Plate-Set Pura - WhitePlate-Set Pura - White
Plate-Set Pura - White Sale price350,00 € Regular price390,00 €



The PURA porcelain collection is manufactured in a porcelain factory near Aveiro, in the north of Portugal. PURA consists of seven shapes that make up a dinnerware set for various occasions. The upper part of the shapes is unglazed, creating a beautiful play of light inside the product. The shapes open conically.

Porcelain is traditionally used for special occasions and adorns the great moments of life. Due to its durability, porcelain is also suitable for everyday use and can be put in the dishwasher. The dinnerware is also wonderful as a wedding, Christmas, or birthday gift. Or as a gift to oneself, to indulge in something special for many years.

The products are particularly delicate, yet extremely robust due to their hardness. Thus, they create an interesting effect of delicacy and strength. For cooks and friends of special culinary delights, the shapes of our porcelain serve as an attractive canvas on which dishes can be presented nobly and invitingly

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