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Zu Besuch bei Kristina Ströh

A visit with Kristina Ströh

Kristina Ströh shows us her apartment

Kristina has been with us since the beginning of onomao. We first met the designer and yoga teacher at our pop-up in her hometown Hamburg in 2019. Since then we appreciate her as a companion and cooperation partner. On Instagram she runs the successful account @kristina.ahoi, where she gives insights into her home and shows moments from her everyday life.

She recently moved into a new apartment, where she has furnished herself from a successful mix of design classics and her eye for special details and works of art.

You recently moved. What's your tip for furnishing and designing a room from scratch?

Trial and error - freeing yourself from "so and so" need to place furniture and not be afraid of change.

Until my sofa has found its place, I have certainly pushed it 30x across the apartment. For me, it's not the rooms that determine the living situation, but my furniture. And with a bit of putty and paint, everything can be ironed out again anyway...

You combine many different styles in your furnishings. How do you keep it coherent?

Do I do that? :)

Everything I own, I like. None of it I have because it is due to a trend. That and "less is more" is my rule - I'm a firm believer that if the occupant furnishes with patience and love, everything will fit together. 

What makes an apartment a home for you?

As soon as I know, I'll let you know. After a move, you should always give yourself and the new apartment some time, eventually everything will come together piece by piece. 

Do you have a favorite spot in your apartment?

I love to sit at my dining table and let my eyes wander into the living room.

What does a typical Sunday look like for you?

Two options: Either sleep until dawn, all day long in my pajamas and let my soul dangle or get out early, hit the yoga mat, meet friends, make Hamburg unsafe, visit art exhibitions or flea markets....

You've lived in Hamburg for many years. What do you like about the city?

I am a true Hamburger. My father grew up in the (original working-class) neighborhood where I live. My grandmother had a hair salon here and my grandparents ran a pub here for years. I appreciate our dialect (Schnack) and the Hamburg mentality, a bit undercooled, but when the ice is broken, the word is worth something. 

There are a few pieces of art hanging in your apartment. How do you choose them?

It is often recommended that you ask yourself what you want to express with the artwork, what atmosphere you want to create or what fits the style of the interior - for me all nonsense. I can not find art for a room, a wall.

For me, the way is the other way around: I see a work of art, fall in love with the mood, the vibe, and then ask myself how and where I can create the best possible space for the artwork in my apartment. The priority is not to optimize the apartment or the space, but to create space for the art.

What piece is still at the top of your interior wish list?

Various Akari lights and another USM furniture would make me happy :)

© Pictures Kristina Ströh
Instagram @kristina.ahoi


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