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Nur noch kurz die Welt retten: Bücher zu nachhaltigem Leben

Just a moment to save the world: Books on sustainable living

A dropout creates his own biosphere 

Hi, I'm Inga from VINCENT&VOLTAIRE. 

Books are close to our hearts! That's why we select the most beautiful books and illustrated books on topics that fascinate us personally for our online bookstore. We present our books in text portraits with large-format photographs and impressive quotes. In my book column in onomao magazine I would like to draw your attention to the most beautiful books for a good and sustainable life. 

One book on the subject of sustainability that I can highly recommend to you is the volume Living for Future from Delius Klasing Verlag. In it, author Corentin de Chatelperron provides testimonials and creative solutions - to anyone interested in sustainable and alternative living. 

"I recorded my challenges in broad strokes on paper: living alone for four months, cut off from the world, in a hostile zone, as a self-supporter, thanks to a selection of 30 low-tech solutions."

A duck, two chickens and a few plants - that's what Corentin de Chatelperron used to move to a floating bamboo platform in Thailand for four months. His goal was to create his own biosphere and live as a self-supporter. In his book, he lets us share in this extraordinary experiment. 

"I, too, would create a biosphere [...] to live anywhere on Earth with a minimum of resources: an ecosystem to produce water, energy, and the food I need in a desert-like environment."

This book is an exciting account of experiences, which offers inspiration and ideas for sustainable living in harmony with nature. In diary form, we get insights into the planning and the unexpected challenges that such a life as a dropout brings with it. 

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Inga, Founder of the Online-Bookstore



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