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Nothing decorates like a bouquet of fresh flowers. For this you need vases - we carry some handmade unique, for many individual tastes.
Limited Edition Piece Small Vase - HiroshiSmall Vase - Hiroshi
Small Vase - Hiroshi Sale price48,00 €
Limited Edition Piece Large Vase - UmeLarge Vase - Ume
Large Vase - Ume Sale price90,00 €
Vase Bolinha Sale price32,00 €
Vase Bola Sale price46,00 €
Vase Eusébio Sale price28,00 €
Vase Cristiano Sale price54,00 €
Vase Figo Sale price42,00 €
Vase Pepe Sale price22,00 €

Flowers bring joy. Vases too.

Our vases

The handmade onomao vases made of stoneware bring individual accents in your home and are versatile. They are made in manufactories in the north and center of Portugal under fair and sustainable conditions. The vases are suitable as decorative pieces, whether in the living room, dining room, bedroom or bathroom. They present fresh flowers as well as dried flowers or grasses. In addition, they can also be used as functional vases, for example, to provide a storage space for wooden spoons in the kitchen.Since our vases are natural products, it may happen in individual cases that the vase is not 100% waterproof and some moisture escapes.

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