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Soaps & Soap Dishes

Fragrant natural soaps and handmade soap dishes in a classic design adorn washbasins and bathtubs and embellish the ritual of cleansing.
-20% #farbe_grün handbemalt#farbe_grün handbemalt
Soap dish Limpar Sale price9,60 € Regular price12,00 €
-20% #farbe_vinha#farbe_vinha
Sabão - Vinha Sale price6,40 € Regular price8,00 €
-20% #farbe_mel#farbe_mel
Sabão - Mel Sale price6,40 € Regular price8,00 €
-20% #farbe_campestre#farbe_campestre
Sabão - Campestre Sale price6,40 € Regular price8,00 €
-20% Sabão & Limpar-Set - Blue MelSabão & Limpar-Set - Blue Mel
Sabão & Limpar-Set - Blue Mel Sale price16,00 € Regular price20,00 €
-20% Sabao & Limpar-Set - Green hand-painted CampestreSabao & Limpar-Set - Green hand-painted Campestre
Sabao & Limpar-Set - Green hand-painted Campestre Sale price19,20 € Regular price24,00 €
-20% Sabão & Limpar-Set - Ocre hand-painted VinhaSabão & Limpar-Set - Ocre hand-painted Vinha
Sabão & Limpar-Set - Ocre hand-painted Vinha Sale price19,20 € Regular price24,00 €
-20% Sabão & Limpar-Set - Green CampestreSabão & Limpar-Set - Green Campestre
Sabão & Limpar-Set - Green Campestre Sale price16,00 € Regular price20,00 €
-20% Sabão & Limpar-Set - Blue hand-painted MelSabão & Limpar-Set - Blue hand-painted Mel
Sabão & Limpar-Set - Blue hand-painted Mel Sale price19,20 € Regular price24,00 €
-20% Sabão & Limpar-Set - Ocre VinhaSabão & Limpar-Set - Ocre Vinha
Sabão & Limpar-Set - Ocre Vinha Sale price16,00 € Regular price20,00 €

The Joy of Giving

Soaps & Soap Dishes

SABAO - this means soap. The name is a declaration of love to the simplicity of the ritual of body care. Just like any other area of life, it can be made calm and uncomplicated. A few, but natural and high-quality ingredients make it possible.
Our soaps fulfill precisely these requirements and offer an experience for all the senses. The natural fragrance provides relaxation and a little spa effect in your home.
Natural soaps are said to maintain the skin's protective barrier and the cosmetic reduction benefits not only the environment but also your own body.
Our handmade LIMPAR soap dishes protect natural soaps and serve as a decorative draining aid. LIMPAR means clean and pure. The soap and soap dish form a beautiful and fragrant symbiosis and beautify bathrooms and kitchens. Combined as a set, they also make a delightful gift.

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