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Dish sets are incredibly practical: you don't have to search for long and you also save money. Get inspired by our tableware combinations.

-12% #farbe_graublau#farbe_graublau
Breakfast-Set Traditional Sale price193,60 € Regular price220,00 €

+ 1

-12% #farbe_smaragdgrün#farbe_smaragdgrün
Breakfast-Set Classic Sale price221,76 € Regular price252,00 €
-12% Breakfast-Set AbertaBreakfast-Set Aberta
Breakfast-Set Aberta Sale price154,88 € Regular price176,00 €
-12% #farbe_weiß#farbe_weiß
Breakfast-Set Pura Sale price278,08 € Regular price316,00 €
-12% #farbe_naturweiß#farbe_naturweiß
Small Dinner-Set Traditional Sale price313,28 € Regular price356,00 €
-12% #farbe_smaragdgrün#farbe_smaragdgrün
Small Dinner-Set Classic Sale price313,28 € Regular price356,00 €
-12% Small Dinner-Set AbertaSmall Dinner-Set Aberta
Small Dinner-Set Aberta Sale price313,28 € Regular price356,00 €
-12% #farbe_weiß#farbe_weiß
Small Dinner-Set Pura Sale price457,60 € Regular price520,00 €
-10% #farbe_türkis dipped#farbe_türkis dipped
Coffee-Set Traditional Sale price93,60 € Regular price104,00 €
-10% #farbe_smaragdgrün#farbe_smaragdgrün
Coffee-Set Classic Sale price93,60 € Regular price104,00 €
-10% Coffee-Set AbertaCoffee-Set Aberta
Coffee-Set Aberta Sale price74,88 € Regular price83,20 €
-10% #farbe_transparent#farbe_transparent
Tapas Set Traditional Sale price108,00 € Regular price120,00 €
-10% #farbe_türkis#farbe_türkis
Plate-Set Traditional Sale price237,60 € Regular price264,00 €
-12% #farbe_graublau#farbe_graublau
Big Plate-Set Traditional Sale price348,48 € Regular price396,00 €
-10% #farbe_saphirblau#farbe_saphirblau
Plate-Set Classic Sale price237,60 € Regular price264,00 €
-10% Plate-Set AbertaPlate-Set Aberta
Plate-Set Aberta Sale price190,08 € Regular price211,20 €
-10% Plate-Set PuraPlate-Set Pura
Plate-Set Pura Sale price350,00 € Regular price390,00 €
-10% #farbe_graublau#farbe_graublau
Bowl Set Traditional Sale price176,40 € Regular price196,00 €
-10% #farbe_saphirblau#farbe_saphirblau
Bowl Set Classic Sale price176,40 € Regular price196,00 €
-15% #farbe_graublau#farbe_graublau
Dinner-Set Traditional Sale price401,20 € Regular price472,00 €
-15% #farbe_petrol#farbe_petrol
Dinner-Set Classic Sale price401,20 € Regular price472,00 €
-15% #farbe_naturweiß#farbe_naturweiß
Big Diner-Set Traditional Sale price556,00 € Regular price654,00 €
-15% #farbe_weiß#farbe_weiß
Big Diner-Set Pura Sale price663,00 € Regular price780,00 €
-15% #farbe_saphirblau#farbe_saphirblau
Big Diner-Set Traditional Sale price351,90 € Regular price414,00 €

Sets for homely well-being.

Our Sets

Our sets include the right tableware for any occasion. Coordinated combinations of plates, bowls and mugs make it easy to choose and also offer a discount. Choose from a classic plate set, breakfast sets, beautify your table with our dinner sets.

The sets come in many different glaze options: glossy and matte, transparent and colored, half or fully glazed. They can also be combined with each other in many ways.

Our ceramics are made in manufactories in the north of Portugal. It combines aesthetics and functionality for everyday use. The robust nature of the stoneware guarantees durability. Due to the dense surface finish, all products are dishwasher and oven safe.

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