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Social commitment


For us, acting sustainably means taking a holistic approach encompassing many areas.

In addition to our claim to act climate-friendly and environmentally conscious, another important component of our work is supporting social projects.

It is our responsibility to play our part in supporting local organizations, social institutions, and cultural creators. So far, we have supported a number of different projects that make an important contribution to our society. All the people behind these projects help to create spaces for a more tolerant coexistence, to bring creative input into the urban area, to promote communication and exchange, to give visibility to people with impairments or to advocate for other people actively, and in this way to make life in our city a bit more colorful, beautiful, humane and thus worth living.

In the "Support" section of our magazine, we gradually introduce projects that we have been able to support. In addition, we would like to pay attention to special people and projects that actively support the environment, society, and togetherness, thus creating added value for all of us.