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Offsetting our production CO₂: Efficient and clean cooking solutions for Ghana

As a manufacturing company, it is particularly important to us to also offset the emissions generated in the production of our products. With approximately 795 tons, production is responsible for the largest part of our total CO₂ footprint.

Like most African countries, Ghana is also particularly affected by poverty and climate change

The impacts of climate change on Ghana are diverse and primarily affect the daily lives of people locally. The greatest challenges include scarce water resources, impairment of agriculture and crops due to rising temperatures, irregular rainfall, or extreme weather events like floods.

Projects on sustainable agriculture, water management, or renewable energies aim to counteract the impacts of climate change

The Gyapa cookstove project was initiated with the goal of saving fuel and improving air quality. Thus, the project contributes to four of the total 17 global sustainability goals: No Poverty, Good Health and Well-being, Decent Work and Economic Growth, and Climate Action.

Many families in Ghana still rely on traditional cookstoves and open fires to prepare their meals or heat their homes. Charcoal is the primary fuel used.

The Problem: Cookstoves and open fires are not energy-efficient and additionally release harmful smoke.

The Gyapa cookstove offers Ghanaian communities an alternative

It has a ceramic lining that improves insulation, thereby retaining heat and smoke. At the same time, the stove enables faster cooking, requires 50 to 60 percent less fuel, and improves air quality. Besides greenhouse gas emissions, the production and consumption of charcoal are also reduced. By decreasing the need for cooking fuel, resources are conserved, and the forests of Ghana are protected.

For us, protecting our planet and a responsibility towards all people who inhabit our Earth are inseparably linked. By supporting the Gyapa cookstove project, we can not only actively engage in environmental protection but also make a small social contribution.

Here you can learn more about our CO₂ offset for our Cologne location