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Limited Editions

Soon gone and still beautiful: 
Here's your last chance to grab our discontinued uniques before they sell out.

Big Plate (L) Limited - TraditionalBig Plate (L) Limited - Traditional
Big Plate (L) Limited - Traditional Sale price20,00 € Regular price25,00 €
-12% Breakfast-Set AbertaBreakfast-Set Aberta
Breakfast-Set Aberta Sale price154,88 € Regular price176,00 €
Mug - Aberta Sale price12,80 € Regular price16,00 €
Candle Holder Luz Limited - Half Sale price12,80 € Regular price16,00 €
Candle Holder Luz Limited - Round Sale price12,80 € Regular price16,00 €
Small Bowl Limited - TraditionalSmall Bowl Limited - Traditional
Small Bowl Limited - Traditional Sale price16,00 € Regular price20,00 €
Small Plate Limited - Traditional Sale price15,20 € Regular price19,00 €
Deep Plate Limited - ClassicDeep Plate Limited - Classic
Deep Plate Limited - Classic Sale price17,50 € Regular price25,00 €
#farbe_petrol innen#farbe_petrol innen
Big Plate Limited - Classic Sale price20,00 € Regular price25,00 €
Saucer Limited - Classic Sale price9,60 € Regular price12,00 €
Espresso Cup - Aberta Sale price8,00 € Regular price10,00 €
Big Plate - AbertaBig Plate - Aberta
Big Plate - Aberta Sale price20,00 € Regular price25,00 €
Small Plate - Aberta Sale price15,20 € Regular price19,00 €
-10% Coffee-Set AbertaCoffee-Set Aberta
Coffee-Set Aberta Sale price74,88 € Regular price83,20 €
Small Bowl - Aberta Sale price16,00 € Regular price20,00 €
Jug - Aberta Sale price30,40 € Regular price38,00 €
-10% Plate-Set AbertaPlate-Set Aberta
Plate-Set Aberta Sale price190,08 € Regular price211,20 €
Salad Bowl - AbertaSalad Bowl - Aberta
Salad Bowl - Aberta Sale price39,20 € Regular price46,00 €
-12% Small Dinner-Set AbertaSmall Dinner-Set Aberta
Small Dinner-Set Aberta Sale price313,28 € Regular price356,00 €
Mezze Plate - Aberta Sale price14,40 € Regular price18,00 €
Deep Plate - Aberta Sale price20,00 € Regular price25,00 €

Only for a short time and still beautiful: our discontinued


We have to say goodbye to some products again for a variety of reasons. Some discontinued products have appeared from the beginning as limited editions, others are no longer producible in the familiar design and still others are to make way for new designs. Handmade ceramics and rugs are often known for their quality and charm. In addition, each product is unique because onomao products are handmade, creating subtle differences between products. The discontinued products are just increasing in value, as they will soon cease to exist.

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