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No time to think long? You don't know the person you're gifting well enough? In this category, we have compiled products that most people like and therefore are very likely to please the person you are searching for. Enjoy finding the perfect quick gift!
Up to 20% off #farbe_jade#farbe_jade
Vase Bola Sale price36,80 € Regular price46,00 €
Up to 20% off #farbe_jade#farbe_jade
Vase Cristiano Sale price43,20 € Regular price54,00 €
-15% #farbe_naturweiß#farbe_naturweiß
Vase Figo Sale price35,70 € Regular price42,00 €
Up to 20% off #farbe_türkis#farbe_türkis
Large Bowl - Traditional Sale price41,60 € Regular price52,00 €

+ 4

-40% #farbe_taubenblau#farbe_taubenblau
Large Bowl - Classic Sale price31,20 € Regular price52,00 €

The joy of giving

That always works - all time favorites

Once you've found it, you stay loyal to it: your favorite mug. It accompanies you throughout the day. It warms you and gives you a sense of security - for many years to come.

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