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Offsetting CO₂ at our Cologne location: Sustainable energy installations for Vietnam

At our Cologne location, we have our beautiful office and our small store in Ehrenfeld, as well as our warehouse on the other side of the Rhine.

In total, we were responsible for the emission of approximately 80 tons of CO₂ at the Cologne site in 2022. We are compensating this through a hydroelectric power project in the Dak Nong province in Vietnam this year.

Vietnam is among the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia.

Therefore, the demand for energy has significantly increased across the country in recent years. Only new, additional power plants can meet the demand for electricity in a sustainable way. To counteract the negative impacts of climate change, there has been a particularly increased need for sustainable energy facilities.


Under the name "Dakrtih," two cascades, meaning step-like waterfalls, were installed along the Dong Nai River with a total capacity of 144 MW. The facility is expected to generate around 636,900 MWh annually, thus supplying clean electricity to the local power grid. Since a dam powers the plant with hydropower, the project is self-sufficient and not dependent on weather conditions like rain. This allows for reliable electricity production throughout the year.

We deliberately chose this project because hydropower contributes to the fight against global warming: hydropower is generated without the combustion of fossil fuels and is therefore considered emission-free.

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