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Supported projects in 2022

Aktion Deutschland Hilft

As a coalition of renowned German relief organizations, Aktion Deutschland Hilft supports people in need. In the event of major disasters and emergencies, humanitarian aid is provided. Expertise is coordinated together, and forces are efficiently combined. We have donated through Aktion Deutschland Hilft to the people in Ukraine.

One Earth - One Ocean e.V.

The environmental organization One Earth - One Ocean e.V. primarily engages in water and coastal protection and aims to rid waters worldwide of plastic waste, oil pollution, and other contaminants.

The "Maritime Waste Collection" collects plastic waste, which is then recycled or transformed back into oil. Furthermore, oeoo is involved in research, education, and documentation on the topic of "Marine Littering" - floating debris in the seas or inland waters.

Save the Children

Save the Children is the world's largest independent child rights organization and advocates (even politically) for the rights and interests of children in around 120 countries. Because all children have an unconditional right to freedom, health, education, and protection from violence, especially in emergencies or disasters.

We have directed our donation to the children in Ukraine.

Succow Foundation

The Succow Foundation, as a non-profit nature conservation foundation, advocates for the protection and preservation of all landscapes – from moors to deserts.

It focuses on protecting and developing wetlands, especially bogs and swamps. The Succow Foundation specifically works towards rewetting and preserving moor areas in the Baltic States because wet bogs can sequester significant amounts of CO2, contributing greatly to climate protection.


SeaTrees is a program by the non-profit organization Sustainable Surf and is dedicated to restoring coastal ecosystems, also known as Blue Carbon projects, to mitigate climate change.

This includes activities like the restoration of coral reefs and seagrass meadows or the planting of mangrove trees.