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Der Kulturverein Niehler Freiheit

The Niehler Freiheit e.V. Cultural Association

Niehler Freiheit e.V.: A place for creative people

In this section of the magazine, we would like to pay attention to special people and projects that are actively committed to the environment, society and community and thus create added value for us all.

One of these is the Cologne-based Niehler Freiheit association.

The goal of the association is to jointly design urban living spaces and make it culturally usable in the long term and open to everyone. Various cultural events are held regularly on the association's premises in Cologne-Bickendorf. The selection is made regardless the finances which also gives small and unusual projects a chance to shine. Whether it’s a theater show, concerts, readings or film showings, discussions or workshops: The program is diverse and creates a place for interdisciplinary and social exchange. All offerings take place on a donation basis and without fixed admission fees, making access possible for all. 

As a reaction to the restrictions in the cultural sector during the Corona pandemic, Niehler Freiheit e.V. also developed the concept of a virtual and solidary platform for the art and culture scene: the Culture Generator. Various artists exhibited their works in the online gallery. In addition, experiences such as digital concerts and private museum tours could be purchased. 

To reinforce the idea of solidarity among each other, the proceeds of the campaign were deposited in a joint account as desired and distributed among everyone.

We supported Niehler Freiheit in 2020 with our 3% additional revenue as part of the VAT reduction. The reduction was an attempt to counteract the economic consequences of the Corona pandemic. We passed on the additional 3% collected and gave it to a different institution worthy of support from the region each month.



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