Unser Keramikproduzent Mario

Our ceramic producer Mario

Mario grew up in a pottery family and recently took over the management of the family business. His parents can still be seen scurrying around the large pottery room with dusty hands.

Unsere Teppichweberei von Senhor Rui

The rug factory from Senhor Rui

At the age of 16, Rui started working for one of the largest carpet factories in the country. When it had to close down due to the economic crisis 20 years later, he had the opportunity to buy a few of the looms and start his own production.

Unser Teppichkollektiv Fatima

Our rug collective Fatima

Fatima is not only our collective. She is the carpet queen of a whole village. She gets fabric scraps from the local fashion industry, sorts and selects them and then passes them on to her weavers (mostly older ladies).