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Ein potenzieller Ruhepol: das Bad

A potential haven of peace: the bathroom

Handmade products for your bathroom

Only a few rooms exude intimacy. The bathroom transforms into a place of retreat the moment you share your home with people. Besides, the first and last walk of the day leads to this room.
Many only subconsciously perceive the importance of the bathroom. Nevertheless, it triggers relaxation. Others transform their bathroom into a temple of wellness to celebrate just that: the moment alone - morning and evening.
Apart from elaborate areas, even small helpers can increase the pleasure of being alone. The ceramics from onomao are versatile for this purpose. It not only looks good on the dining table, but is also an eye-catcher in the bathroom. As accessories on the shelf, on the sink edge and the windowsill they decorate your bathroom and help keep things neat and tidy. Here are a few inspirations.  

Versatile storage

Our mezze plate provides an adequate base for soap and serves as storage for your favorite jewelry.

Toothbrushes like our mugs but also combs, nail scissors or flowers will appreciate them as a quiet place. 

Our jugs LOTHAR and WILTRUD offer storage space for all kinds of beautiful and practical things. Hair clips, make-up or cotton pads find space in them and are protected by the delicate lid. 

collage salle de bain

Natural eye-catcher for the floor

Our small rugs LUCINDA and MARA flatter the floor as a soft underlay. They are made from recycled materials and can be washed at up to 30 degrees in the washing machine. 

collage salle de bain

The final touch: flowers

You can set a special accent with fresh or dried flowers, here in our vase FIGO. Our vases are available in many different designs and glaze styles - to match your bathroom.

All our products are handmade. Therefore every shape is a little bit different. Individual structures and color shades make them unique.

Have fun decorating!



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