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Bowls & Trays

Bowls and dishes in quite a few sizes and colors are the all-rounders of the kitchen and expand with their potential the joy of good food.
Small Bowl - Traditional Sale price20,00 €

+ 10

Neue Farbe #farbe_saphirblau#farbe_saphirblau
Small Bowl - Classic Sale price20,00 €

+ 7

Small Bowl - Aberta Sale price16,00 € Regular price20,00 €
Small Bowl - Pura Sale price60,00 €
#farbe_line motiv#farbe_line motiv
Tom Król x onomao - Small Bowl Eye Sale price25,60 € Regular price32,00 €
Bowl - Traditional Sale price29,00 €

+ 8

Neue Farbe #farbe_smaragdgrün#farbe_smaragdgrün
Bowl - Classic Sale price29,00 €

+ 2

Large Bowl - Traditional Sale price52,00 €

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Large Bowl - Classic Sale price52,00 €
#farbe_eye motiv#farbe_eye motiv
Large Bowl - Tom Król x onomao Sale price72,00 €
Neue Farbe #farbe_saphirblau#farbe_saphirblau
Salad Bowl - Classic Sale price49,00 €

+ 2

Salad Bowl - AbertaSalad Bowl - Aberta
Salad Bowl - Aberta Sale price36,80 € Regular price46,00 €
Salad Bowl - Pura Sale price69,00 €
-10% #farbe_graublau#farbe_graublau
Bowl Set Traditional Sale price176,40 € Regular price196,00 €
-10% #farbe_saphirblau#farbe_saphirblau
Bowl Set Classic Sale price176,40 € Regular price196,00 €
Big Bowl - Traditional
Big Bowl - Traditional Sale price39,20 € Regular price49,00 €
Small Bowl Limited - TraditionalSmall Bowl Limited - Traditional
Small Bowl Limited - Traditional Sale price16,00 € Regular price20,00 €

Kitchen all-rounder: bowls and dishes

Bowls & Trays

The bowls and dishes from onomao are everyday companions in the kitchen and as home accessories. They come in various sizes and designs, ranging from small bowls for your morning breakfast to bowls for salads and pasta, all the way to classic fruit bowls. You can find the perfect match for every dish. Depending on your taste, you can choose from the shapes of the TRADITIONAL, CLASSIC, or ABERTA collections. The simplicity of the shapes gives each product a timeless look. When combined, the ceramics create a harmonious table setting.

These bowls and dishes are crafted in artisan workshops in Portugal. The ceramics are fired at high temperatures, making them exceptionally durable and long-lasting. The dish can also be used as a baking dish and heated in the oven.

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