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17 octobre 2022
Kinderbücher über Nachhaltigkeit

What we can learn from a hungry sperm whale


Books are very dear to our hearts! That's why we select the most beautiful books and illustrated books on topics that fascinate us personally for our online bookstore. We present our books in text portraits with wide-format photographs and captivating quotes. In my book column in onomao magazine I would like to draw your attention to the most beautiful books for a good and sustainable lifestyle.machen.

One lovely children's book that I would like to recommend to you isDer Wal, der immer mehr wollte aus from Magellan Publishing. It is about a whale whose passion is collecting things. At some point, however, he realizes that consumption and possessions do not make him happy.

"For when Wendelin was awake, a pain befell him, he was plagued by the search, almost tore his heart apart. The search for something he did not possess, he had been searching for a long time and did not know what it was!" 

Couverture du livre pour enfants BaleineThis whale named Wendelin lives in the vast ocean and is always looking for new treasures that could make him happy. Despite his treasures, he is never satisfied. One day he remembers a song of his mother, which was about the fact that not the sparkling things satisfy the longing, but love and friendship do.

"'You are the whale that always wants more. But what do you really seek, what is your goal? [...]' For the first time he thought about it. [...] 'I don't know,' he said softly. 'All I can think of now is that my wish was to be happy and ... hmmm ... fulfilled.'"

Collage livre pour enfants baleine

Author Rachel Bright and illustrator Jim Field tell a wonderful story of understanding and companionship. With Wendelin the Whale, they show that giving is much nicer than receiving after all.

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