Festive table ideas for the holiday season

23 novembre 2022
Festliche Tischideen für die Weihnachtszeit

Inspiration for sustainable table settings

The Christmas season is approaching and with it the time for cozy get-togethers, hearty dinners and festively decorated tables. 

The desire for sustainability is also playing an increasingly important role at Christmas. Decorations and gifts are chosen with care. The focus is on natural, reusable materials and timeless classics.
We have put together some inspirations for festive tables. 

Ceramic tableware as a starting point

Handmade ceramics provide a harmonious base for a stylish table. Whether on the tablecloth or completely unadorned on the wooden table, their classic shapes and colors make them timeless companions that bring joy year after year. 

The different plates and bowls are suitable for serving multi-course menus. Main course, soup, salad and dessert all find a place in them.

Handmade accessories for individual accents 

Candlelight and winter greenery create a cozy atmosphere and give the table its festive garb. Drinks are served in a glass carafe. Candlesticks, vases and glasses are handmade in manufactories in Portugal and Spain. Each piece is therefore unique.

Decoration from nature 

For table decorations, we rely on natural elements such as olive branches, pine cones and straw stars. Together, they come together to create a Mediterranean-Scandinavian ensemble. The natural combination also creates a cozy feeling in the room.

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