Artist Collective X-SÜD

11 mars 2022
Kunstwerk Elefant zwischen zwei Häusern

3% VAT reduction - 3% we pass on

In this section of the magazine, we would like to put special people and projects in the spotlight that are actively working for the environment, society and co-existence, thus creating added value for all of us.

We see ourselves as having a responsibility to do our part to support these local organizations, projects and cultural workers.

In 2020, the VAT reduction was an attempt to counteract the economic consequences of the Corona pandemic. The reduction gave us an extra 3% in revenue for six months. We passed on that 3% and gave it to a different local institution worthy of support each month.

One of these projects is the mixed-abled artists' collective X-SÜD. The goal is to make the ideas and wishes of artists with disabilities visible. This is especially important in times of Corona, as people with disabilities are now increasingly disappearing from the public consciousness and are threatened by isolation.

Dessin Projet Halls Chaux
Projet de dessin de porte d'éléphant

In the letter "X", two lines cross. Thus, the collective X-SÜD wants to enable encounters at eye level with its artistic interventions and to model them itself.

Together with raumlaborberlin X-SÜD developed a model for an inclusive art house in 2017. Two years later, an inclusive spatial concept was created for the Hallen Kalk location in Cologne.The work of art on the facade - the "Elephant Gate" (see cover picture) - was financed and realized with the help of our donation.Further projects off- and online followed.

Photos © X-SÜD, Astrid Piethan