Cristina - Grey

79,00 €
Our runner Cristina was woven in the manufactory of Sr. Rui. The rug is made from residual materials of the Portuguese fashion industry. Rui spins different fabrics into new yarn to achieve a uniform look. Our runner loves quiet bedrooms, long hallways, and to warm feet in front of the kitchen counter. It impresses with a classic timeless look.

Material: 80% Cotton (recycled) / 20% other recycled yarns
Dimensions: see above

General product information:
Rui uses specially developed weft threads for his carpets, which he respins from recycled cotton yarns from the local textile industry. This carpet is particularly robust due to the dense weave.
Rui’s rugs are all traditionally handmade and due to small deviations in shape and color each one is a unique piece.

*Since our rugs are made from fabric scraps from the Portuguese fashion industry, it may happen that other fibers are mixed in with the main ingredient, cotton. Therefore, we specify a mixing ratio of 80% cotton and 20% other materials. However, in most cases it is 100% cotton.

Waschmaschinenfest bis maximal 30°

Shipping: Plastic-free and climate-friendly with DHL GoGreen
Delivery time: 3-5 working days within Germany
Shipping costs: Free of charge from 190 Euro (DE)

At the age of 16, Rui started working for one of the largest carpet factories in the country. When it had to close due to the economic crisis 20 years later, he had the opportunity to buy a few of the looms and start his own production.

His carpets are made from recycled cotton yarns from the local textile industry which he spins himself. Unlike traditionally woven carpets, he uses jute fibers as the basic structure, which makes the carpets very durable. They are all woven by hand - out of his conviction. Rui is one of our first producers and our collaboration has developed steadily over the last few years.

We love the enthusiasm with which Rui takes our ideas and processes them. We immediately felt that weaving is not only his job, but rather his passion.

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