Bowl - Turquoise

Our bowl likes hot stews, big herb salads with fresh mushrooms and of course a bowl assortment of quinoa, avocado, radish salad, tahini soy sauce and fresh sprouts.
Material: Stoneware
Dimensions: D 20 cm / H 8.75 cm

Color and glazes are applied by hand. Over time the matte glaze may show signs of usage due to cutlery wear. This abrasion is solely surface level and can easily be removed with some natron and a soft towel. 
Due to the manufacture by hand, each shape is a little different. We consider these natural variations a part of the unique beauty of each piece.

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Dish washer safe
Oven safe (up to 200°C)
Microwave safe

Care should be taken not to expose the ceramic to dramatic temperature changes (e.g. pouring hot liquid into an ice-cold bowl or cup), as this can cause cracking.

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