Lanius x onomao - Mug

18,00 €

Two family businesses - one vision: Together with LANIUS we have developed a collection in which textiles and ceramics come together.
The result is a handmade ceramic set consisting of a mug, a small bowl, a deep plate and a large bowl, fairly produced in Portugal. With its textured surface, it is minimalist and timeless and reflects the love for textiles. The handmade mug can also become a favorite object when it is not part of the set.

A product of the "Classic" collection that we released in summer 2021. “Classic” is handcrafted in northern Portugal. Their classic, reduced forms are intended to support long-term use.

Material: Stoneware
Dimensions: D 8.6 cm / H 9.5 cm
Capacity: 280ml

Color and glaze are applied by hand. That's why every mug is unique.

Dishwasher safe
Oven safe (up to 200°)
Microwave safe

Care should be taken not to expose the ceramic to dramatic temperature changes (eg pouring hot liquid into an ice-cold bowl or mug), as this can lead to cracking.

Begleitet wird die Keramik von einem LANIUS Design: ein Denim Workwear Kittel aus Hanf und Bio-Baumwolle, der sich für die Arbeit an der Drehscheibe eignet, aber auch treuer Begleiter anderer kreativer Prozesse sein mag. Er eignet sich auch für die Gartenarbeit, das Heim-Atelier, die Schnitzarbeiten oder zum Kochen des Lieblingsgerichts. Die Schürze kann direkt über Lanius erworben werden.

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