is the idea of combining beautiful and traditional crafts with modern design. Sustainability and fair trade are fundamental requirements for us.
Due to our close connection to Portugal we set out to search for Portuguese manufactories with which we could begin a collaboration at eye level in the summer of 2018. onomao is the result of this journey.

Who we are

Arthur and Felix are brothers, who grew up together in Munich. Early on Arthur started to travel to Portugal, France or Spain to follow his passion of surfing. He won the german championship multiple times and is still addicted to the ocean and waves. His love for nature and beautiful things inspired him to study landscape architecture in Berlin. This is where his passion for architecture and aesthetic rooms was ignited. Today he lives with his family in Cologne.

Felix did the same as his brother and spent much of his youth away from home and in the waves. He lived in Portugal for several years to train as a chef. He then moved to Cologne, where he trained as a graphic designer. Creativity has a fundamental place in his life. After a stopover in Berlin, he returned to Cologne, where he founded onomao with his brother.