We know that in our current world there are constant new challenges, which impact our environment, nature or climate change. We are a part of a generation that takes on the responsibility to acknowledge these problems and actively work together to solve them. We believe that everyone can have a positive impact. Therefore, we are proud to be part of the "1% for the Planet" initiative in which we pledge to donate 1% of our yearly revenue to a charitable organization that helps protect our environment. Taking responsibility and committing to a more sustainable way of doing business is of great importance to us. We are actively committing ourselves to the protection of our planet, the preservation of our exceptional nature and the places we love so dearly.

1% for the Planet, was founded in 2202 by the sustainable outdoor brand Patagonia and is now a network of international companies and environmental organizations that have made it their goal to recognize nature as a fundamental right. The network wants to work on protecting the environment and care for the well-being of our planet and that of future generations. The idea is quite simple: Because companies profit from resources, which they get from the earth, they should protect these resources and give back. The members see it as their responsibility to take the social and environmental consequences of their actions into account and do their part in establishing a fair cycle of conscious consumption.

Together with 1% for the Planet we can pass on environmental awareness and inspire other companies to commit to environmental goals themselves. Until now, more than 295 million dollars have been invested in charitable projects and into environmental and sustainability projects all around the world. These include projects that fight against climate change, support animal welfare or maintain sustainable and healthy food systems, that prevent future pollution or that restore and preserve the water quality on earth.

Together we can make positive environmental changes and give back to nature - that is a good start!

We want to protect what we love- our planet! We want our earth to stay as beautiful for future generation as it is today. With 1% for the Planet we can do more to preserve our wonderful planet.