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Unsere mundgeblasenen Karaffen werden in einer kleinen Manufaktur in Spanien hergestellt. Sie bestehen zu 100% aus recyceltem Glas. Die dezent unebene Struktur und die sanften Bläschen in der Form lassen erkennen, dass jedes Exemplar ein Unikat ist und unterstreicht das klare, schlichte Design. Die Karaffe freut sich über Apfelcidre, Zitronenlimonade und manchmal auch über frisch gepflückte Kornblumen vom Wegesrand.

Sustainable & Fair Production in Portugal

We aim to cooperate with our production partners on an equal footing. To ensure a fair collaboration, we maintain close communication with our manufactories. We have been working with some of our producers since our founding. We trust each other and have been able to grow together. Additionally, the production in Europe guarantees EU labor standards.

To avoid the unnecessary manufacturing and disposal of products, we have decided to purchase B-goods from our producers as well, so that goods with minor cosmetic imperfections also find use. This way, we can prevent our production from causing unnecessary emissions and the wasteful consumption of resources.


Most people think very little about the number of everyday actions. The fact that we pick up a mug or cup many, many times a day, warm ourselves by it, smell its contents, is one of these automated everyday actions that take place virtually incidentally.

But it is precisely these actions that represent moments of real life. They enrich our everyday life. Objects such as mugs and cups become faithful companions through our lives. They wake us up in the morning with a cup of coffee, they ensure that we are sufficiently hydrated during the day with plenty of herbal tea, they assist us during a cold with a hot ginger infusion, they help us digest a hearty meal with an espresso before the evening really gets going, they support us during breastfeeding with fennel tea and they ensure a peaceful night's sleep with a good evening tea.

That is life. Life with drinking vessels.

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