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Mug - Pura

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The delicate yet strong porcelain cup conveys a sense of life. It rests softly in the hand and completes the enjoyment of a warm coffee or tea with its smooth shape. The cup can be seen as an accessory to beautiful moments in life.

The PURA porcelain collection is manufactured in a small porcelain factory near Aveiro, in northern Portugal. With experience and passion, the team turns our design into small works of art.

Porcelain is traditionally used for special occasions and adorns the great moments of life. However, its durability also makes it suitable for everyday use. The dish collection consists of seven shapes and three colors. Our collection features a rim about 1.5 cm wide at the top, which appears matte. The rest is covered with a shiny, transparent glaze. The porcelain can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Our first porcelain collection: PURA

The place where the delicate pieces are created: this too brings the collection into harmony. The porcelain manufactory is located near Aveiro—in the cool north of Portugal. The small business specializes in the production of aesthetic home accessories and tableware. Delicate shapes are crafted by hand by a small team. We share the joy of design and the material clay, which is shaped into many small artworks at this beautiful place.

Porcelain for special moments

Porcelain is traditionally used for special occasions and adorns life's grand moments. Due to its durability, it is also suitable for daily use and can be put in the dishwasher.

The tableware also makes a wonderful wedding, Christmas, or birthday gift. Or as a gift to oneself, to indulge in something special for many years.

The products are particularly delicate on one hand, yet extremely robust due to their hardness. Thus, they leave an interesting impression of delicacy and strength. For cooks and friends of special culinary delights, the shapes of our porcelain serve as an attractive canvas on which dishes are elegantly and invitingly presented.

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