Beeswax candles in mug

Our cups have entered into a liaison with 100% pure beeswax from Austria. They were filled by the beekeeper Ronald Royer.
Ronald took over his grandfather's bee colonies in 2015 and founded his small Beekeeping business VOM REITER to get closer to his dream of being able to work in harmony with nature in an environmentally conscious way. Working with bees showed him how important it is to enter into a symbiosis with nature - to fit into the cycle and not take more than you can give back.
Honey bees are wild animals, they cannot be confined or fenced in. Beekeepers provide them with an optimal habitat so that they can thrive, develop vitality and make a priceless contribution by pollinating flowers.
The beeswax candles in the ceramic mug are suitable for relaxation: whether during yoga, reading your favorite book, wellness program at home or simply as a crackling accompaniment. The unmistakable scent of a beeswax candle conveys a pleasant feeling.
It also offers lasting joy as a gift: after the wax burns down, the cup can be cleaned and used as a drinking cup.