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Mug - Classic

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color: Petrol

The mug can become a long-lasting companion. Filled with fresh mint tea from the garden or strong coffee in the morning, it provides special moments throughout the day.

Beautifully shaped, our cup sits on a small base. He was made in a manufactory in Portugal.

The cup of our collection CLASSIC is available in several glazes and was produced sustainably and fairly. Stoneware is suitable glazed as unglazed for cleaning in the dishwasher.

Small note: This mug does not fit on our saucers.
If you want mugs with saucers, check out our small mugs from the CLASSIC collection.


In the course of developing our second tableware collection KLASSIK, we went in search of another ceramic manufactory. We landed at a family business, which sits in the rolling hills behind Porto. The family looks back on a long ceramic tradition. Working with clay has been consistently passed down and specialized from generation to generation.

Our KLASSIK collection is hand tamped before a drying process to clean and refine it to be glazed before firing. Creative hand-painting is one of the manufactory's hobbyhorses. Thus KLASSIK gets her stripes missed in loving handwork in the small studio.


Most people think very little about the number of everyday actions. The fact that we pick up a mug or cup many, many times a day, warm ourselves by it, smell its contents, is one of these automated everyday actions that take place virtually incidentally.

But it is precisely these actions that represent moments of real life. They enrich our everyday life. Objects such as mugs and cups become faithful companions through our lives. They wake us up in the morning with a cup of coffee, they ensure that we are sufficiently hydrated during the day with plenty of herbal tea, they assist us during a cold with a hot ginger infusion, they help us digest a hearty meal with an espresso before the evening really gets going, they support us during breastfeeding with fennel tea and they ensure a peaceful night's sleep with a good evening tea.

That is life. Life with drinking vessels.

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