Saucer - Caramel Inside

12,00 €

Our saucer is catching drops from coffee and tea of our small mug. Its indentation provides support for the base of the small cup.

This saucer only fits our small mugs from the classic collection and cannot be combined with other products.

"Classic" is handmade in the north of Portugal. Its classic, reduced shapes are designed to support a long use.

Collection: Classic
Material: Stoneware
Dimensions: D 14,5 cm / H 0,8 cm

Color and glazes are applied by hand. Therefore, each saucer is unique.

Dish washer safe
Oven safe (up to 200°C)
Microwave safe

Care should be taken not to expose the ceramic to dramatic temperature changes (e.g. pouring hot liquid into an ice-cold bowl or cup), as this can cause cracking.

Shipping: Plastic-free and climate-friendly with DHL GoGreen
Delivery time: 3-5 working days within Germany
Shipping costs: Free of charge from 190 Euro (DE)

In the course of developing our second tableware collection CLASSIC, we went in search of another ceramic manufactory. We landed at a family business, which is located in the gentle hills behind Porto - near Viana do Costelo.
The family looks back on a long ceramic tradition. Working with clay has been consistently passed down from generation to generation and specialized. Just about every region of Portugal has its own style of ceramics. In the north, towns like Viana do Castelo are known for their floral designs.

Our CLASSIC-collection is hand-stamped before being hand-cleaned and refined after a drying process to be hand-glazed after firing. Creative painting is one of the manufactory's hobbyhorses. Thus, CLASSIC gets its stripes lovingly hand-painted in a small studio.

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