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Limited Edition Piece

Large Vase - Ume

Sale price90,00 €

The large UME vase, designed by ceramic artist Jimu Kobayashi, is hand-decorated with his effective brushstroke. This stroke reveals the color blue in many shades. One can follow the line and lose oneself in it. Moreover, this stroke also represents the cycle of life: it ends where it began.

Below the brushstroke, the family crest, accompanying the family for generations, adorns the limited vase. UME is the name of Jimu's grandmother - his grandparents are key figures in his creative journey.

The large UME vase was handcrafted in Portugal and adorned in Germany by Jimu with his art. The limited collection consists of 50 small and 50 large vases, each identifiable by a hand-applied number on the bottom.

Explore the full conversation with Jimu Kobayashi.

Jimu Kobayashi x onomao

Our artist edition with the ceramic artist Jimu Kobayashi combines Japanese roots with contemporary design. The result is a striking yet delicate edition of 50 small and 50 large unique pieces – in the form of vases.

About the Artist Jimu Kobayashi

Jimu Kobayashi is an industrial designer and ceramic artist with Japanese and Taiwanese roots, born and raised in Germany. He completed his studies at the Folkwang University of the Arts in 2020.

In addition to his own creations, Jimu worked as a product designer at onomao from 2021 to 2023 before dedicating himself to the deeper study of ceramic art in Japan.
During his studies, he attempted to understand the processes of the material from raw state to finished object from both a craft and industrial perspective.

Influenced by his grandparents in Japan, he embarked on a journey to traditional pottery art many years ago. The making of ceramics and the endless pursuit of perfection in this art captivate his interest, and he sees it as a path he will likely follow for his lifetime.

Transforming traditional Japanese craftsmanship into everyday art with a modern perspective is one of his goals.

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